Notice of race

Walker Challenge

Sunday 9th July 2017

Ramsgate to Harwich

Organising authority
East Anglian Offshore Racing Association & Royal Temple Yacht Club & Haven Ports Yacht Club

EAORA Offshore Regatta
EAORA Overall Series
EAORA Youth Programme Race

Prize giving: At Haven Ports Yacht Club immediately after the race.
High water: Ramsgate; 1246 BST 6.2M Low Water: Harwich; 1844 BST 0.6M

General conditions for entry: All Entrants must comply with the requirments of all the EAORA Sailing Instructions Part 1.

Safety: ISAF Special Regulations Category 3 with a Category 2 Life Raft.

Warning signals: Class 3 0855 BST; Class 2 0905 BST; Class 1 0915 BST. Refer to EAORA Sailing Instructions Part 1 for the Class Handicaps.

Start Line: The Start Line is an extension to seaward of the forward mast of the RTYC Squarehead, on the eastern pierhead next to Port Control, marked by an orange triangle, and the red port entry mark at the end of the southern breakwater, bounded by the ODM, in the event of the ODM missing, the end of the line shall be a transit between the North Quern and West Quern Buoys.

Course A: Channel Buoy No.6 (P); North Quern (S); Channel Buoy No.4 (P); Channel Buoy No.2 (P); Channel Buoy No,1 (P); Broadstairs Knoll (P); Elbow (P); Outer Fisherman (P); Black Deep No. 8 (S); Sunk Head Tower (P); N.E. Gunfleet (P); Medusa (S); Landguard (S) Cliff Foot (S); Finish (51Nmiles approximately)

Finish Line: A line between the foremast of the Committee Vessel and the Harwich Town Sailing Club’s Beacon Hill racing mark (located approximately 2 cables north of the seaward end of Dovercourt breakwater).

If there is no Committee Vessel on station at the finish, all yachts must record their own finish time when the Harwich Town Sailing Club’s Beacon Hill racing mark bears 270° from the bow of the yacht when the yacht is passing the buoy to port. The timepiece used to record the finish time should be acknowledged by the Race Officer and if necessary checked against an official clock.

Trophies: Walker Trophy (1st Overall)
HPYC Trophies & Glassware

Entries Close: Thursday 29th June 2017

Charts: 1183; 2449; 1406 or Imray C1 C8

Entry: £50 if entering this race only. Refer to the Offshore Regatta Notice of Race for the other races and entry fees Late entries accepted at the discretion of the Organising Authority.
Electronic Payment to EAORA - Sort Code: 20-54-30 - Account: 90347035 (Reference – Race & Boat Name)

Notes: When entering the River Orwell/Harwich Harbour all competitors must follow the yachting track advised by Harwich Haven Authority and not Race within the Deep-Water Channel.
When leaving Ramsgate Harbour the Deep-Water Channel should be avoided if at all possible.
To enter (or leave) Ramsgate Harbour permission must be sought from Port Control on VHF Channel 14

Race HQ: Prior to 6th June 2017
EAORA Secretary, Equity House, 4-6 Market Street, Old Harlow, Essex, CM17 0AH,

Race HQ: After 6th June 2017 - Principle Committee Vessel accompanying the race fleet.
See the Offshore Regatta Notice of Race for details.

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