Often Asked Questions - How do I get involved in EAORA?



      Updated for 2021

What is EAORA? – The East Anglian Offshore Racing Association is an association of mainly East Anglian and Kent Sailing Clubs formed in 1949 to co-ordinate offshore racing.


What does EAORA do? – On behalf of East Coast Yacht Clubs, EAORA manages an annual programme of offshore races, of which, a competitor must complete a minimum number to qualify for the season’s class and overall points and they must comply with the EAORA Notice of Race Part 1.


What is the EAORA programme? – Due to the Coronvirus pandemic in 2021 it is a series of 8 races for the overall EAORA championship and Inter-Club competition.  The Inter-Club Trophy is awarded to the lowest scoring Club where points have been counted from the best two boats in each club in every race. However, to score season & Club points the yacht must have an Endorsed IRC certificate. Yachts can still race without an endorsed status but see below under the section "Does my ycaht qualify to race EAORA Events"


What is East Anglian Week?  This can form part of the EAORA programme and can include events which count for points towards the overall series. However, there will not be an EAORA Week in 2021, in its place will be the EAORA Offshore Regatta.


What is the EAORA Offshore Regatta?  This is part of the 2021 EAORA programme in place of “East Anglian Week” and for 2021 comprises four Offshore Races which will count for points towards the overall series. The races will be sailed on the east of englan coast and not enter any european waters. This is a precaustion in2021 again due to the cooronavirus pandemic. Competitors can opt to enter the full four race Regatta or just one or two races. See the relevant Notice of Races for the Regatta and the individual races.


How do I enter an EAORA event?   By using the on-line entry system on the EAORA web site; this will electronically transfer your entry to the relevant Organising Authority. However, you must still forward a cheque or electronic transfer the correct Entry Fee to the Organising Authority using the details given in the relevant Notice of Race.Alternatively, an EAORA Entry Form can be downloaded and printed from the web site. The completed form with a cheque made payable to the Organising Authority, as detailed in the relevant Notice of Race, must be received on or before the closing date.


North Sea Race – Enter via RORC website. (NOTE Race Cancelled in 2021)

Round The Goodwins  - Enter via the Royal Temple Yacht Club website. 

Houghton Cup & Town Cup - Enter via the Burnham Week Ltd website.


What is the Race Entry Fee? - Entry Fees vary for each race based on the nature of the event. The fee for each race can be found in the relevant Notice of Race Part 2. There are separate entry fees for the Offshore Regatta and EAORA/RORC events, see the specific Notice of Race Part 2.


Where do I get instructions for the events? Go to the EAORA web site and clicking on the “Handbook” tab at the top of the page which will give you a drop-down menu showing; Constitution, FAQ’s, Safety Memo, Notice of Race Part 1 and World Sailing Offshore Special Regulation (OSR) check lists. The opening page of the site shows the race programme and the Notice of Race Part 2 giving the initial details relevant to each race can be accessed from “Get full details”. EAORA Sailing Instructions, will be sent to you by the Organising Authority at least three days before the race, along with an entry list. Our EAORA Chief Race Officer Andy Wise (07967 670 995) can advise on the contents if required.


Does my Yacht qualify to race in EAORA Events? All yachts must have a current year IRC certificate. This is largely assessed by self-measurement by the owner. However, although a yacht may compete in the EAORA races, and may win the relevant race trophy, they will not be awarded points towards the season’s trophies or the inter-club trophy unless the yacht has an Endorsed Certificate. This involves weighing and measuring by a professional RORC measurer. The IRC 2021 Handbook containing a full guide and relevant application forms is available free from the RORC Rating Office at Seahorse Building, Bath Road, Lymington, Hants SO41 9SE (Tel: 01590 677030. e-mail: info@rorcrating.com)


Does my Yacht meet the safety requirements? EAORA events can be arduous therefore your yacht must be seaworthy and comply with the following rules and regulations.  Yachts must comply with the IRC Safety and Stability Indices (SSI) Base Minimum SSS of 15 or STIX of 23 for every race.  A yacht’s “SSS or STIX” is stated on its IRC certificate issued by the RORC Rating Office. The higher the value, the more “seaworthy” a boat is perceived to be by the system. Full details about these stability measurements can be found in the IRC Yearbook. In addition, your yacht will have to comply with the World Sailing Offshore Special Regulations (OSR).


How do I know if I meet the World Sailing Offshore Special Regulations?  All yachts are required to have their inventory of safety gear checked by the person in charge of the yacht using the EAORA checklist available on the EAORA website. If you intend undertaking any of the EAORA races, then you must self-check using the 2021 checklist. The completed and signed checklist must be kept on board the yacht and a copy, along with a copy of your current IRC certificate must be sent to the EAORA Chief Race Officer before the start of the first race for which the yacht is entered.


Be aware that your yacht may be subject to an inspection and may be subject to protest by the Race Committee should they be found to not comply with the safety regulations.


How many crew can I take? The crew should consist of an adequate number of experienced people who are physically fit to be able to face bad weather. Notice of Race Part 1 limits this to a maximum of the crew number on the IRC certificate.


What Insurance do I need? You should check that you have adequate racing risk cover with a minimum third party cover of £3,000,000. You must inform your Insurance Company that you intend to race offshore and also in the coastal and inland waterways of Europe.


Can I race without belonging to a member club? Yes, you can but EAORA is an association of Clubs and therefore has no individual members, all yachts who wish to participate in the annual series must belong to a member club to participate.  A list of the clubs is published on the EAORA web site. However, entries for individual races will be accepted by each of the Organising Authorities for their race provided that your club is affiliated to the RYA.


I have more questions?  A full list of the EAORA committee, with representatives covering most areas on the East Coast, again can be found on the web site (www.eaora.org.uk). Please do contact anyone of them with any queries you may have. The chairman is available on 07768351048 Paul Wood

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