2020 Season now published.

Posted: Monday, 11th November 2019

Race 1. Pattinson Cup 2nd May. Burnham to Mersea.

Race 2. Ralph Herring 3rd May. Mersea to Burnham.

Race 3 North Sea Race 22nd May RORC

Race 4 Janes Cup 13th June. Burnham to Medway

Race 5 Thames Estuary 14th June. Medway to Burnham

Race 6 East Coast race 19th June. 125 miles night race. Harwich to Breskens RORC

Race 7 Graham Wallis 2nd July Harwich to Ostend (EAORA Regatta)

Race 8 Canon Ball 4th July Ostend to Ramsgate (EAORA Regatta)

Race 9 Walker Challenge 5th July Ramsgate to Harwich (EAORA Regatta)

Race 10 Mary Hill trophy 25th July Harwich to Ramsgate

Race 11 Round the Goodwins 26th July Ramsgate

Race 12 Town Cup/Houghton Cup. 5th September. Burnham.

Race 13 Buckley Goblets 11th Sept Ostend


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