NOTICE OF RACE PART 1 Revised for 2021





Series of Races organised in conjunction with other organisations as specified in NOR Part 2



1.1. This Notice of Race (NoR) consists of two main sections. Part 1 consists of the rules that apply to all races organised by EAORA or associated Clubs unless modified by a NoR Part 2 or the Sailing Instructions.

1.2. The NoR Part 2 gives details that apply to each race in the EAORA programme. When a Rule is modified in Part 2, it takes precedence over the Rule in Part 1.

1.3. Both NoR Part 1 and all NoR Part 2 are published on the EAORA Website.

1.4. The 2021 programme below shows races that are organised by EAORA in conjunction with other organisations.

1.5. All races are subject to cancellation, postponement or change of venues during the Covid 19 pandemic period.

DATE RACE MILES Organising Authority
Sat 5 June

RORC East Coast Race

Harwich to Harwich

Thu 8 July

Pattinson Cup

Harwich to West Mersea



Race1 of offshore Regatta

Fri 9 July

Janes Cup

West Mersea to Medway



Race2  of Offshore Regatta

Sat 10 July

Ralph Herring

Medway to Burnham on Crouch



Race3 of offshore Regatta

Sun 11 July

Walker Challenge Cup

Burnham on Crouch to Harwich



Race 4 of Offshore Regatta

Sat 17 July

Mary Hill Trophy

Harwich to Ramgate



Pin Mill SC

Sun 18 July

Round the Goodwins


Sat 4 Sept

Town Cup/ Houghton Cup

Burnham on Crouch

Sat 17 Sept

Buckley Goblets

West Mersea to Ostend



2.1. Class – IRC Classes as defined within this Notice of Race.

2.2. Closing Date - is the date after which a late entry/ late payment fee may be charged, and cancellation fees apply.

2.3. Competitor - A person who races or intends to race in the event.

2.4. Documents page - can be found at on the Handbook Tab.

2.5. Race Committee - Appointed under rule 89.2(c ) and any other person or committee performing a race committee function.

2.6. Bonus Points Scoring System - the boats are ranked in order of points scored. Lowest Points score wins.

2.7. Emergency Contact - is the person to be informed in case of emergency. The nominated Emergency Contact must be available to contact for the duration of the race and cannot be a Competitor in the race.

2.8. Offshore Race - Offshore Race is OSR Category 3 plus Category 2 liferaft. Races identified as part of the EAORA Season’s Points Championship. See EAORA Programme for current year.

2.9. Rating Deadline - is the latest date by which a valid Rating or Class Certificate shall be issued to the boat.

2.10. Sailing School Yacht – must be entered by a bona fide sailing school, affiliated to a national Authority and having on board a crew consisting of at least 50% paying students (not Instructors).

2.11. TERMINOLOGY - The use of the masculine gender shall be taken to mean either gender.


3.1. PART 1 – GENERAL RULES – The rules of Part 1 shall apply to all races in this Notice of Race except where otherwise stated in Part 2 or the Sailing Instructions.

3.2. ORGANISING AUTHORITY – The organising authority is the East Anglian Offshore Racing Association(EAORA).

3.3. COVID 19 PROTOCOLS – Protocols relating to COVID 19 may be published at any time and will state if they have the status of a rule.

3.4. ENGLISH LAW - This Notice of Race, and the terms of the contract created by entering a boat into any race or event governed by this Notice of Race, shall be governed by and construed in accordance with English law. Any dispute which cannot be resolved under Part 5 of the Racing Rules of Sailing shall be referred to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.

3.5. RACING RULES OF SAILING -The rules as defined in The Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS). (http://www,

3.6. RRS Appendix WP (rules for racing round way points) will apply when specified in the Sailing Instructions.

3.7. NATIONAL AUTHORITY PRESCRIPTIONS - The prescriptions of RYA will apply. No other National Authority prescriptions will apply. (

3.8. CLASS RULES - the IRC Rules Parts A, B & C and the Rules and Regulations of appropriate One-Design and/or Class rules.

3.9. For the purposes of IRC Crew Limitation Rules and Sail Limitation Rules, no race will form part of a regatta.

3.10. WORLD SAILING OFFSHORE SPECIAL REGULATIONS (OSR) - The World Sailing Offshore Special Regulations, any amendments thereto for the current year, and RORC Prescriptions where applicable. Where details of Offshore Special Regulations cannot be met the Committee may accept an alternative.

3.11. INTERNATIONAL REGULATIONS FOR PREVENTING COLLISIONS AT SEA - Except when changed in Sailing Instructions, the Rules of RRS Part 2 are replaced by the right-of-way Rules of IRPCAS (International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea), or by Government right-of-way rules between the times of local sunset and sun rise. A boat may take a time penalty as specified in the sailing instructions when she may have broken this rule while racing.

3.12. NOTICE OF RACE - This Notice of Race and any amendments thereto will be available from the EAORA Website.

3.13. SAILING INSTRUCTIONS - Sailing Instructions will be emailed to Competitors after the Closing Date for each race. They may also be posted on the EAORA Website. Sailing Instructions shall take precedence over the Notice of Race Part 1 and Part 2. where there is a conflict between the Notice of Race and the Sailing Instructions: the Sailing Instructions shall prevail. (This changes RRS63.7).


3.14.1.Written Changes will be advised by and available from the relevant Race headquarters and the EAORA Web Site. The Race Officer on the Committee Vessel at the start of a race will ensure that any written changes are brought to the attention of all competitors prior to the start of the race.

3.14.2.Oral Changes will be announced by VHF only by the Race Officer on the Committee Vessel.


4.1. Boats may be required to display advertising chosen and supplied by the Organising Authority.


5.1. THE PERSON IN CHARGE - Yacht racing can be dangerous. The attention of Persons in Charge is drawn RRS Fundamental Rule 3: “The responsibility for a boat’s decision to participate in a race or to continue racing is  hers alone” and to World Racing Special Offshore Regulation 1.02.1 which begins: “The safety of a yacht and her crew is the sole and inescapable responsibility of the Person in Charge….

5.2. ” Sailing is by its nature an unpredictable sport and therefore inherently involves an element of risk. By taking part in the event, each competitor agrees and acknowledges that:

5.2.1.they are aware of the inherent element of risk involved in the sport and accept responsibility for the exposure of themselves, their crew and their boat to such inherent risk whilst taking part in the event.

5.2.2.they are responsible for the safety of themselves, their crew, their boat and their other property whether afloat or ashore.

5.2.3.they accept responsibility for any injury, damage or loss to the extent caused by their own actions or omission.

5.2.4.their boat is in good order, equipped to sail in the event and they are fit to participate.

5.2.5.the provision of a race management team and other officials and volunteers by the event organiser does not relieve them of their own responsibilities.

5.2.6.they are responsible for ensuring that their boat is equipped and seaworthy so as to face extremes of weather; that there is a crew sufficient in number, experience, and fitness to withstand such weather; and that the safety equipment is properly maintained, stowed, in date and familiar to the crew.

5.2.7.The EAORA, its sponsors, and other organising clubs accept no responsibility or liability for loss of life or injury to members or others, or for the loss of, or damage to, any vessel or property.

5.3. STARTING AND CONTINUING TO RACE - The Race Committee will make starting signals unless in their opinion it is manifestly unsafe for any of the boats entered to remain in the vicinity of the starting line. Each boat shall exercise her responsibility under RRS Fundamental Rule 4 and decide whether to start or to continue to race.

5.4. RACE DECLARATION(S) No boat will be accepted as an entry unless the Person in Charge has, before the start of the race, signed a declaration in the terms set out in NoR Part 1.

5.5. SAFETY AND LIFE SAVING EQUIPMENT For all Offshore Races; Competitors’ attention is drawn to RRS 1.2 life-saving equipment: “Each Competitor is individually responsible for wearing a personal flotation device adequate for the conditions.”

5.6. However, a Lifejacket and Harness shall be worn when on deck: - Between the hours of sunset and sunrise - When alone on deck - When reefed - When the true wind speed is 25 knots or above - When the visibility is less than 1 nautical mile. See also World Sailing Special Regulation 5.02.



6.1.1. EAORA races are open to seaworthy boats which comply with the Rules and Regulations described in this Notice of Race and which are manned by an adequate number of experienced crew who are physically fit to face bad weather.

6.1.2.However, no person may race contrary to the terms of a ban imposed by the EAORA, RORC, a National Authority or World Sailing.


6.2.1.IRC – Monohulled Boats rating 0.850 and greater - IRC Rules Parts A, B, and C shall apply, except as varied below or in the Sailing Instructions. IRC Certificates - are required for the EAORA annual Championship and the EAORA Two-Handed Championship.

6.2.2.CLASSES AND CLASS FLAGS - For all EAORA races, Competitors will be categorised into the following Classes.

CLASS T.C.C. Range Class Flag
One 1.005 and above IC Numeral 1
Two 0.960 to 1.004 IC Numeral 2
Three 0.959 and below IC Numeral 3

6.2.3.EAORA reserves the right to amend the class bands in the light of current year handicap data.

6.2.4.Crew Numbers - IRC Rule 22.4.2 is deleted and replaced by “The maximum number of crew that may sail aboard a yacht shall be the number shown on the certificate. There is no weight limit.

6.2.5.Suitability - The minimum crew on any monohull shall be three apart from as allowed under NoR 6.2.8 Two-Handed Class.

6.2.6.Exclusion of Boats and Competitors - RRS 76.1 is changed to apply to each race rather than first race of the series.

6.2.7.Automatic and Wind-vane devices - for steering are permitted (This changes RRS52)

6.2.8.Two-Handed Class - A Two-Handed Class within IRC will be available in Offshore Races. Boats will be eligible for both Two-Handed and IRC Rating band class trophies. Entries must satisfy the committee that they have suitable and adequate experience and that their boat is appropriately organised for twohanded sailing.

6.2.9.When racing, the appropriate Class flag or flags shall be prominently displayed from a backstay, or at the stern on a boat with no backstay. Boats shall provide their own Class flag.

6.2.10.RATINGS, RATING AND CLASS CERTIFICATES Boats shall hold valid Rating/Class certificate(s) on the Rating Deadline. Boats racing under IRC are required to submit a copy of their certificate to the EAORA Race Officer. Changes to Ratings and Class certificates will only be accepted after the Rating Deadline in exceptional circumstances at the discretion of the EAORA. Every boat racing shall have on board a current valid signed copy of the Rating certificate for the Class or Classes in which she is racing.

6.3. WORLD SAILING OFFSHORE SPECIAL REGULATIONS (OSR) The OSR category which applies to each race depends on the nature of the race and is specified in NoR Part 2 for each race. (RORC Prescriptions can be found in the RORC Notice of Race).

6.3.1.OSR COMPLIANCE Responsibility for compliance rests with the Person in Charge. However, the EAORA will endeavour to help Competitors to understand the OSR and reserves the right to conduct an OSR inspection on any boat at any time.

6.3.2.OFFSHORE SPECIAL REGULATIONS (OSR) CHECKLIST For Offshore Races the Person in Charge shall, before the Closing Date of their first Offshore Race of the season, complete a Checklist (available on the EAORA Website) to the appropriate Category. Only one checklist appropriate to the race category is required from the Person in Charge unless changes are made to the equipment onboard or the yacht changes ownership. Checklists from other organisations may also be accepted if they are current, completed to the appropriate race category, comprehensive and based on the World Sailing Offshore Special Regulations.

6.3.3.A completed CHECKLIST signed by the owner/person in charge shall be retained on board and a copy shall be sent to the EAORA Principal Race Officer prior to the first EAORA race of the current racing season in which the yacht competes. Failure to send a copy of the Safety Checklist to the EAORA PRO may mean that no result is given for the race.

6.4. AIS TRANSPONDERS shall be fitted on all vessels, Competitors shall use their best endeavours to ensure that their AIS Transponder is switched on (i.e. transmitting and receiving) at all times when racing. A boat’s AIS must transmit: the boat’s MMSI number, current racing name, the speed and course over the ground. See OSR 3.29.13.

6.5. STABILITY AND SAFETY INDICES In accordance with OSR 3.04.3 the EAORA uses minimum stability/buoyancy indices. For boats competing under IRC either SSS or STIX and AVS Indices are used depending on the series date of the boats and the category of the race. 

6.5.1.All Boats entering EAORA races must comply with the “SSI”, Stability and Safety Indices (Base Minimum of 15) or STIX rating (Minimum of 23) for each race.


7.1. SHORESIDE CONTACT For all EAORA races, the entrant shall nominate a Shoreside Contact. This person must be available on the phone number(s) supplied to the EAORA throughout the race and shall not be a Competitor. In an emergency the EAORA will phone the Shoreside Contact who shall act as the link on behalf of the crew. The Shoreside Contact shall hold the Emergency Contact details for all of the crew. A Shoreside Contact form is available on the EAORA Website.

7.2. For RORC races, entrants must comply with RORC Crew list requirements as detailed in the RORC Notice of race.

7.3. FIRST AID REQUIREMENT There are requirements for First Aid training in all Categories of Race. See OSR 6.04 and 6.05.


8.1. RACE ENTRY shall be made by: (Use the RORC entry system (Sailgate) for the North Sea Race)

8.1.1. by completing the entry form on the EAORA web site, NoR Part 2, which will be electronically transferred to the Organising Authority. Competitors must send the appropriate race entry fee to reach the Organising Authority by the published closing date in accordance with the instructions for the race in the NoR Part 2.

8.1.2.Or, by completing all parts of the Official Race Entry Form available from the EAORA Website and sent with the appropriate race entry fee to reach the Organising Authority by the published closing date.

8.2. The ENTRY FEE will be given in the NoR Part2 for each race. PAYMENT should be made by cheque or electronic bank transfer if on-line banking facilities are available, made payable to the Organising Authority or to the sort code/account details given in the NoR Part 2. Full payment for each race shall be made before the closing date for entries.

8.3. LATE ENTRIES will be accepted at the discretion of the Organizing Authority for individual races.


8.4.1. if entrants decide at a later time not to participate in the race, they should notify the Organising Authority as soon as possible. Cancellations before the Closing Date will be eligible for a full refund of the race entry fee. Cancellations after the Closing Date will be eligible for a refund of 50% of the standard race entry fee.

8.4.2.If the Person in Charge fails to notify the Organising Authority of cancellation as described above, he/she shall pay the full fee without refund unless good reason can be shown. Refunds will be sent to the account used for payment.

8.4.3.For payments made by other means, refunds will be made against a written claim that must be received no later than 30th September following the last race of the Season.

8.5. REGISTER PARTICIPATION - Prior to the first warning signal at the start of each race, yachts shall register their participation by passing close to the Principal Committee vessel and make themselves known to the Race Committee, giving details of the number of crew, and receive an acknowledgement before starting.

8.6. LATE STARTING - A yacht starting late shall inform the race committee of the intention to race but any yacht coming to the start area later than 60 minutes after her starting signal will be scored Did Not Start (DNS).

8.6.1.When a yacht is late starting, she may use her engine or be towed after her preparatory signal to reach the starting area provided that she:

8.6.2.stops her engine or drops her tow as appropriate, and then makes a one turn penalty before crossing the start line;

8.6.3.does not start until at least 5 minutes after her starting signal;

8.6.4.reports this on her declaration. (This changes rules 41, Outside Help and 42, Propulsion).

8.7. RETIREMENT - a yacht that does not start after reporting to the Race Committee at the start, or which retires before finishing, shall inform the Race Committee by whatever available means, including VHF radio, as soon as possible, and receive an acknowledgement, failing which she shall inform the coastguard.


9.1. COURSE OPTIONS – Courses to be sailed for each race will be outlined in the notice of race part 2 and published in detail in the Sailing Instructions. Courses will be accurate at the time of going to press.

9.2. TIME LIMITS -There is no Time Limit for any race, but the Race Committee may shorten the course at any mark when it sees fit. When a race is not shortened, this is not grounds for redress under RRS 62, Redress.

9.3. CHANGE OF COURSE - RRS 33 is changed as follows. The race committee, during a race may change the course at any rounding mark by either of the following methods:

9.3.1. A committee vessel stationed near the mark will fly flag “C”, make repetitive sound signals, and announce on the specified VHF radio channel the course to be sailed thereafter.

9.3.2.The Race Officer will announce a course change using the specified VHF channel and will confirm acknowledgement of that change with each yacht taking part in the race.

9.4. MARK NOT SEEN - When a mark is not seen when passed, a yacht shall make and retain the most accurate record possible of her course and position.

9.5. USE OF ENGINE – When a yacht uses its engine to avoid collision or in a grave emergency the facts must be reported on her declaration. The Race Committee may apply a penalty of 10% (minimum 1 place) except when the yacht shows that the circumstances which lead to the use of her engine were entirely outside her control when the penalty may be waived. However, if the incident results in a protest from another competitor or the Race Committee, then the Protest Committee after a hearing may impose a penalty, or disqualify the yacht, when it judges significant advantage was gained.

9.6. TEMPORARY DISCONTINUANCE OF RACING: If a boat makes fast in order to take shelter or in an emergency, the crew may temporarily leave the boat to handle her moorings. If she uses her engine for propulsion she shall, on re-joining the race, return to the spot where she began to use her engine, turn off her engine and continue to race from that spot. She shall report the circumstances on her Declaration Form. This changes RRS 45 and 47.2.

9.7. NIGHTTIME FINISHS - When a yacht finishes at a time when she is required to display navigation lights she shall identify herself by radio to the Race Committee as prescribed in the Sailing Instructions, prior to finishing or as soon as possible afterwards. A Committee Vessel on station may show an all-round white light.

9.8. COMMITTEE BOAT NOT ON STATION - If a Committee Vessel is not on station at the finish line, Competitors shall record their own finish time and the position of yachts ahead and astern of them if known. The recorded time and timepiece must be presented to the race committee as soon as possible after finishing.


10.1. TAKING A PENALTY (RRS 44) Unless changed by the Sailing Instructions, the penalty for breaking a rule of RRS Part 2 shall be a Two Turns Penalty as permitted and described in RRS 44.2. When the right-of way rules of IRPCAS apply (between the hours of local sunset and local sunrise), the penalty for a breach shall be a scoring penalty in accordance with RRS 44.3. Penalties shall be 10 minutes added to a boat’s corrected time. A scoring penalty shall be declared on the boats Declaration Form and the Race Committee notified at the finish. This adds to RRS 44.3.

10.2. PENALTIES FOR INFRINGEMENTS OF OTHER RULES Penalties for infringements of other rules will be detailed in the Sailing Instructions and maybe less than disqualification.

10.3. TIME LIMIT FOR LODGING A PROTEST or a Request for Redress is 3 hours after the protesting/requesting yacht finishes. The protesting/redress seeking yacht shall notify the race committee by whatever means possible and receive an acknowledgement.

10.4. The time limit for lodging a Protest by the Race Committee is 3 hours after the last Yacht taking part in the race finishes or 3 hours after the Committee Vessel berths whichever is the longer. The Race Committee shall notify the Principal Race Office by whatever means possible and receive an acknowledgement.


11.1. THE ONLINE OFFICIAL NOTICE BOARD is located on the EAORA Website.

11.2. VHF RADIO - All boats shall carry a VHF radio capable of communicating on marine Channels: 16, 67, 72,77,37a/M1

11.2.1.The Race Committee (call sign “Offshore One”) may use VHF radio for all communications with competitors on the water to give instructions or to provide information. VHF Channel 72 will be used unless otherwise stated in Sailing Instructions. The service is not guaranteed except when giving course details. Yachts shall not transmit except as required by Sailing Instructions or in an emergency.

11.2.2.VHF radio monitoring - All competitors should monitor the relevant VHF radio channels, in the racing area, always during the race and as appropriate before and after each race.

11.2.3.RRS 41 – outside help Rule 41(c) is replaced by: “A boat shall not receive help from any outside source, except (c ) help in the form of information which is freely available to all boats, which shall include navigational, weather, tide or current information from any source which is available to all boats whether or not by payment of a fee or subscription, but shall not include any information gathered or the subject of interpretation by, or any advice received from, any source not on board the boat and which is specific to the boat and her situation.”

11.2.4.By way of example and interpretation: downloading charts, weather and/or tidal GRIB files from subscription services, or having such information passed to the boat in its pure form, is permitted but receiving messages or information which is the result of interpretation as it applies to the boat is not permitted.

11.3. IN SEVERE OR VERY LIGHT WEATHER, a yacht shall endeavour to: the position and status of herself and other yachts of which she is aware, at regular intervals to the Race Committee or the Coast Guard as appropriate.

11.3.2. keep a continuous dual watch on channel 16 and the specified race channel if possible.

11.3.3.repeat messages from other yachts when equipped to do so.


12.1. THE PERSON IN CHARGE for each race shall agree to the terms of the declaration below using the online entry system.

12.1.1.To the best of my knowledge the information I have given is accurate. I understand that Yacht Racing can be dangerous. I agree that the EAORA, organising clubs, sponsors and their agents, have no responsibility for loss of life or injury to members or others, or for the loss of, or damage to any vessel or property. I have paid particular attention to and agree to be bound by World Sailing Special Regulation 1.02 and I have read and understand and where appropriate agree to be bound by EAORA NoR Part 1 section 4, Responsibility. Before racing I will affect adequate and suitable insurance. Before racing I will ensure that my crew is aware of: undertaking in this Declaration importance of effecting appropriate personal insurance responsibility in rules observance, and in particular RRS 1.2 (wearing personal floatation devices adequate for the conditions).

12.2. I agree to be bound by RRS, RYA Prescriptions and this Notice of Race including RORC Prescriptions, World Sailing Offshore Special Regulations and other applicable rules. The boat will be available for inspection. If any alteration likely to affect the handicap or rating is made, e.g. to sails, rig, mast, ballast, trim, engine or propeller, I will notify the Rating Authority and Race Committee immediately. I will ensure that no crew member races contrary to the terms of any ban imposed by World Sailing, a National Authority or the RORC.

12.3. I understand and agree that the information given in this race entry and also the race entry lists and results will be maintained on the Club’s computer to be used for all aspects of race organisation.


13.1. Each participating boat shall be adequately and suitably insured with valid third-party liability insurance with a minimum cover of £3,000,000 per incident or the equivalent before racing.


14.1. shall be made by text, email or paper using the form available from the EAORA Website and shall be lodged with the Organising Authority as soon as possible, and not later than 72 hours, after finishing. Except where the yacht is required to take its own finish time, then the declaration must be texted within 1 hour of finishing.

14.2. The declaration must include the following information: Race name, Yacht Name, Sail Number, Race finish date and time, Yacht finishing ahead (where known), Yacht finishing astern (where known) and the method of time recording. The Organising Authority contact details will be published in the Sailing Instructions.

14.3. Failure to submit a declaration may at the Organising Authority’s discretion result in future entries not being accepted.


15.1. Points for class & overall will be based on a yacht's finishing position and calculated using the World Sailing Bonus Scoring System as follows:

Place Points Place Points Place Points Place Points Place Points Place Points Place Points
1 0 2 3 3 5.7 4 8 5 10 6 11.7 7 13

 15.2. 8th place and onward will receive 1 additional point.

15.3. Where the race programme indicates that there is a points multiplier for a specific race, the appropriate multiplier will be applied to that race’s results.

15.4. EAORA points - to obtain any points a yacht shall, at the time of the race for which points are being awarded:

15.4.1.Belong to, or be under charter to, a member of an EAORA Member Club.

15.4.2. carry a valid, current IRC certificate.

15.5. Scoring for the Interclub Championship will be on an individual event basis where the points awarded for the overall recast results (see 15.4.3) will be used. Each Club's scores will be the aggregate of the scores from their two highest overall placed yachts in each recast race.

15.5.1.Did Not Compete - yachts classified as DNC or DSQ (disqualified) shall be scored points for the finishing place one more than the number of yachts entered in the series.

15.5.2.Did Not Finish - yachts classified as DNF, DNS or retired after finishing (RTD) shall be scored points for the finishing place one more than the number of yachts that started the race. To be recorded as Did Not Start (DNS) the yacht shall have complied with section 7. Otherwise the yacht will be recorded as Did Not Compete (DNC).

15.5.3.Recasting Results – in races containing yachts not eligible for points under section 5, the points will be re-cast as if the non-eligible yachts had not raced.

15.6. Tie Break - if there is a tie of total points between two or more yachts, the tie shall be broken using RRS A8

15.7. Races to Count/Discards - a Yacht may count her best scores as follows:

Series Races To Count Discard Quifiers
Overall EAORA 8 5 3  
Youth Programme 8 5 3  

15.8. RESULTS will be given and displayed by the Organising Authority as soon as possible after the finish of each race. The Organising Authority will send a copy of the results to the EAORA Chief Race Officer or Secretary using whatever means is convenient. Individual race and overall results will be published on the EAORA web site as soon as possible during the week following the race(s).


16.1. The INTERCLUB CHAMPIONSHIP will be awarded annually to the Member Club with the lowest Interclub Championship points scored during the Season. A yacht shall race for only one club during the season for the purpose of this competition. Should a yacht change hands during the season this rule may be waived provided that the new owner notifies the EAORA Committee of the date of the change. Where a yacht is jointly owned by two or more members of different Member Yacht Clubs, they shall nominate in writing to the Committee of EAORA the club for which the yacht shall race in each event, before the start of the first race of the season. No changes shall be made thereafter.

16.2. The CLASS & OVERALL TROPHIES for the EAORA Series:

16.2.1.Overall Champion – Blackwater Cup

16.2.2.Class 1 Champion – Carmen Cup

16.2.3.Class 2 Champion – Barnard Cup

16.2.4.Class 3 Champion – Gunfleet Cup

16.2.5.One Design/Class Trophies - classes that have three or more yachts who compete in at least the required number of races to count for that Series.

16.2.6.The Star Trophy will be awarded at the Committee's discretion for the most meritorious unrewarded performance or service by a yacht or individual during the season.

16.2.7.Red Dragon Trophy will be awarded to the winning team in the RORC East Coast Race. The first two yachts from each Club to finish count as a team.

16.2.8.The Libya Cup will be awarded to the yacht scoring the lowest points with no discards, all races must be started.

16.2.9.The MYC David Cole Memorial Trophy will be awarded by MYC to the yacht scoring the lowest combined points with no discard in the Graham Wallis Trophy race and the Cannon Ball race.

16.2.10. The RBYC David Geaves Trophy will be awarded by RBYC to the yacht who has completed the most race miles, in finished races, in RORC, EAORA and RBYC Williwaw Trophy.

16.2.11. The WMYC Colonel’s Trophy will be awarded by the WMYC to the Yacht who has scored the lowest combined points in the Pattinson Cup Race and the Buckley Goblets Race.

16.2.12. The Nore Command Trophy will be awarded by MYC to the Yacht Club team scoring the lowest combined points in the Offshore Regatta, 3 races and no discards. The first two yachts from each Club to finish count as a team.

16.2.13. The Navigators Cup will be awarded to the navigator as nominated by Yacht skippers and chosen by the Organizing Authority for the Amazon Cup.

16.2.14. The Single/Two-Handed Cup will be awarded for the yacht scoring the lowest points sailing with two persons onboard in compliance with the IRC rule 8.2.1.

16.2.15. The Payne-James Youth Cup will be presented to the EAORA top Cadet of the Year.

16.2.16. The Charlie Mills Memorial Trophy will be presented to the best overall EAORA yacht from a UK East Coast Club finishing the annual RORC North Sea Race.

16.2.17. The County Standard Salver will be presented to the overall winner of the EAORA Offshore Regatta.

16.2.18. The Millennium Trophy will be presented to the winner of Class 1 of the EAORA Offshore Regatta.

16.2.19. The Ailish Trophy will be presented to the winner of Class 2 of the EAORA Offshore Regatta.

16.2.20. The Secretary’s Plate will be presented to the winner of Class 3 of the EAORA Offshore Regatta.

16.2.21. The Mary Hill Trophy and the Amazon Cup will be presented to the winners of specific races as shown in the current year race programme.

16.2.22. The Silver Cigarette Box will be presented to the winner of: to be agreed by the EAORA Committee.

16.3. The INDIVIDUAL CLUB TROPHIES given for each race are the responsibility of the member Club and will be retained within the Club if appropriate. This may be for reasons of value or history of the trophy and each Club will decide its own policy. 



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