Sailing Instructions

EAORA Sailing Instructions ‑ PART 1

(Rule changes for 2018 indicated by # )


1.1 The rules applicable to all EAORA races are as follows:

   1.1.1 Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) 2017 – 2020 with the prescriptions of the R.Y.A.

   1.1.2 World Sailing Offshore Special Regulations 2017/18 with the RORC Stability and Safety Screen Rules.

   1.1.3 The IRC 2018 rules Parts 1,2 & 3

   1.1.4 EAORA Sailing Instructions. Part 1 which contains the general conditions that govern every race and provide details of requirements for each competitor to enable them to enter a race. Additional information is included here to avoid duplication in each Notice of Race.

   1.1.5 Notice of Race for each EAORA event is published on the EAORA Web site.

   1.1.6 EAORA Sailing Instruction Part 2 is published before each event and provides any updated or new information immediately prior to the start and shall take precedence over the Notice of Race.

1.2 If there is any conflict with the above rules, the information in the later paragraph will take precedence (e.g. paragraph 1.1.4 overrules 1.1.1).

1.3 Exception A ‑ between sunset and sunrise, or between times stated in the EAORA Sailing Instructions part 2, RRS Part 2 shall not apply and is replaced with the IRPCAS (International Regulations for the Prevention of Collisions At Sea).

1.4 Exception B -  For the purposes of IRC Crew Limitation Rules and Sail Limitation Rules, no race will form part of a regatta.


1.6Steering Aids ‑ automatic, mechanical and wind‑vane devices for steering are prohibited while racing. (Exception – see paragraph 10.5)

1.7 Interpreting the EAORA Sailing Instructions;

   1.7.1  The Race Committee is defined as any person or committee of people appointed by the Organizing Authority to manage each race.

   1.7.2 "Shall" & “must” are mandatory for competitors, “will” is mandatory for race committee and "may" is permissive for both parties.

   1.7.3 Times are B.S.T. when it applies, unless stated otherwise.

1.8 Dumping of rubbish is prohibited under MARPOL legislation, the Merchant Shipping Regulations 1998 (Prevention of Pollution by Garbage) and Merchant Shipping Notice No. 1720. In Magistrates Courts the fines can be up to £25,000 and in the Crown Court they are unlimited. Attention is drawn to the ISAF Code of Environmentally Friendly Behaviour. The penalty for breaking  rule RRS 55, Trash Disposal, is at the discretion of the protest committee and may be less than disqualification.


2.1 The Notice of Race for each race in the annual series will be available from the EAORA Website.

2.2 Amendments to the Notice of Race will be issued as Part 2 Sailing Instructions by the appropriate Organising Authority prior to the start of each race.


3.1Any changes to Sailing Instructions and/or Notice of Race will be advised as follows:

   3.1.1 Written Changes will be advised by and available from the relevant Race headquarters and the EAORA Web Site. The Race Officer on the Principal Committee Vessel will ensure that any written changes are brought to the attention of all competitors prior to the start of the race.

   3.1.2 Oral Changes will be announced by VHF only. The Principal Committee Vessel will indicate any oral changes by displaying Flag L, in these circumstances all competitors shall make radio contact if not heard and understood.

3.2 The Race Committee (call sign “Offshore One” ) may use VHF radio for all communications with competitors on the water to give instructions or to provide information. VHF Channel 72 will be used unless otherwise stated in Sailing Instructions part 2. The service is not guaranteed except when giving course details. Yachts shall not transmit except as required by Sailing Instructions or in an emergency.

3.3 All competitors should monitor the relevant VHF radio channels (see SI 3.2) at all times during the race and as appropriate before and after each race.



4.1The location of any signals ashore will be given in the Part 2 Sailing Instructions.


5.1 Races will be scheduled in accordance with the Race Programme  available from the EAORA Website.

5.2 The scheduled start time for each race will be as given in the Notice of Race available from the EAORA Website.  Except EAORA Week, when the scheduled start times will be given in the EAORA Week Handbook.



6.1 For all EAORA races Competitors will be categorised in the following classes. Class Flags shall be flown from the backstay (or nearest equivalent) when racing.



Class Flag


1.025 and above

IC Numeral 1


1.024 to 0.960

IC Numeral 2


0.959 and below

IC Numeral 3


The racing area for each race is shown in the Notice of Race available from the EAORA Website.


8.1 The course options to be sailed for each race will be published in the Notice of Race available from the EAORA Website. Courses will be accurate at the time of going to press, any amendments will be published by the Organising Authority in the Sailing Instructions Part 2.

8.2 The Principal Committee Vessel may be identified in Sailing Instructions Part 2.


9.1 Sailing is by its nature an unpredictable sport and therefore inherently involves an element of risk. By taking part in any event, each competitor agrees and acknowledges that:

   9.1.1 They are aware of the inherent element of risk involved in the sport and accept responsibility for exposure of themselves, their crew and their boat to such inherent risk whilst taking part in the event;

   9.1.2 They are responsible for the safety of themselves, their crew, their boat and their other property whether afloat or ashore;

   9.1.3 They accept responsibility for any injury, damage or loss to the extent caused by their own actions or omissions;

   9.1.4 Their boat is in good order, equipped to sail in the event and they are fit to participate;

   9.1.5 The provisions of a race management team, patrol boats and other officials and volunteers by the event organisers does not relieve them of their own responsibilities;

   9.1.6 For Offshore racing they are responsible for ensuring that their boat is equipped and seaworthy so as to be able to face extremes of weather; That there is a crew sufficient in number, experience and fitness to withstand such weather; and that the safety equipment is properly maintained, stowed and in date and is familiar to the crew;

9.2 The yacht is required to hold adequate insurance and in particular to hold insurance against third party claims in the sum of at least £2,000,000.

9.3 Every yacht entering or taking part in any EAORA race or intending to compete in the full EAORA race programme must comply with the World Sailing Offshore Special Regulations. The appropriate OSR Category is given in the Notice of Race for each race.

   9.3.1 ISAF Category 3 Monohulls with Category 2 Life Raft; with the additional RORC & EAORA prescriptions.

   9.3.2 ISAF Category 4 Monohulls with the additional EAORA prescriptions.

9.4 Every owner/person in charge shall undertake a self-check prior to the first EAORA race of the current racing season in which the yacht competes using the appropriate EAORA checklist. This inspection reinforces the complete and unlimited responsibility of the owner/person in charge under the Regulations (World Sailing Offshore Special Regulation 1.02). A copy of the checklists are available from the EAORA web site.

9.5 A completed checklist signed by the owner/person in charge shall be retained on board and a copy shall be sent to the EAORA Chief Race Officer prior to the first EAORA race of the current racing season in which the yacht competes. Failure to send a copy of the Safety Checklist to the EAORA CRO may mean that no result is given for the race.

#9.6 SAFETY AND LIFE SAVING EQUIPMENT For all Offshore Races; Competitors’ attention is drawn to RRS 1.2 life-saving equipment: “Each Competitor is individually responsible for wearing a personal flotation device adequate for the conditions.” However, in Offshore Races a combined Lifejacket and Harness shall be worn when on deck: - Between the hours of sunset and sunrise - When alone on deck - When reefed - When the true wind speed is 25 knots or above - When the visibility is less than 1 nautical mile See also Special Regulation 5.02.

9.7 Inspections and spot-checks may be carried out at any time by the Organising Authority for each race. When a yacht fails the safety equipment check she will be protested by the Race Committee.


10.1 Entries will be accepted from monohull yachts:

   10.1.1 that have a current IRC handicap. The current, valid, signed and endorsed/unendorsed IRC rating certificate and/or class certificate, or a copy, shall be kept on board at all time.  (see also Paragraph 11)

   10.1.2 that may compete in the EAORA races, and may win the relevant race trophy, however they will not be awarded points towards the season’s trophies or the inter-club trophy unless the yacht has an Endorsed Certificate

   10.1.3that must comply with the “SSI”, Stability and Safety Indices (Base Minimum of 15) or STIX rating (Minimum of 23) for each race.

10.2 Apart from as allowed under SI 10.4.3 the minimum crew on any monohull shall be three persons.

#10.3  For EAORA races, IRC Rule 22.4 shall not apply and is replaced by “The maximum number of crew that may sail aboard a boat shall be the Crew Number printed on her current IRC certificate. There is no weight limit.”

10.4 Entries shall be made by: (Use the RORC entry system for the North Sea Race)

   10.4.1 completing all parts of the official Race Entry Form available from the EAORA Website and sent with the appropriate race entry fee to reach the Organising Authority by the published closing date.

   10.4.2 Or, by completing the entry form on the EAORA web site, which will be electronically transferred to the Organising Authority. Competitors must send the appropriate race entry fee to reach the Organising Authority by the published closing date.

10.5 A Single/Two-Handed IRC Division will be available, yachts will be eligible for both Two-Handed and IRC class prizes. Automatic or wind vane steering is permitted (changes EAORA Sailing Instruction 1.6) Competitors who intend to race in this Class must clearly state this on their entry form and provide the appropriate Short-handed IRC certificate.

10.6 The entry fee will be £35 per race or £55 per race for races finishing outside the UK unless otherwise indicated on the relevant race entry form. RORC and joint EAORA/RORC races will be at the prescribed RORC fee. Payment should be made by cheque or electronic bank transfer if on-line banking facilities are available, made payable to the Organising Authority or to the sort code/account details given in the Notice of Race. Full payment for each race shall be made before the closing date for entries. 

10.7 Late entries will be accepted at the discretion of the Organizing Authority and the payment of an additional £10 administration fee.

10.8 Cancellations and Refunds, If entrants decide at a later time not to participate in the race they should notify the Organising Authority as soon as possible. However when cancellations are made no refund of the entry fee will be given. 


11.1 When a yacht is issued with a revised rating during the season, the owner/person in charge shall notify the Organising Authority of the next race in which the yacht is expected to compete. The EAORA Chief Race Officer should be notified of the change as soon as possible.

11.2 A yacht will race using the rating in force at the closing date for entries for each race, unless the Race Committee decides otherwise at it’s sole discretion, or when a yacht’s first rating is not issued until after that date.

11.3 When the published rating is incorrect, the Race Committee may correct it before or at any time after the race.

11.4 A provisional entry list of yachts may be sent by post or email to the owner/person in charge of each yacht prior to each race, but this may not be complete or exact. Final entry lists may be made available by the Organising Authority before the start.

11.5 A Protest by a yacht concerning the rating of another yacht in the same race shall be lodged at Race Headquarters as per the timescales in paragraph 17 of these Sailing Instructions.


12.1 The Race Committee will make starting signals unless in their opinion it is manifestly unsafe for any of the boats entered to remain in the vicinity of the starting line. Each boat shall exercise her responsibility under RRS Fundamental Rule 4 and decide whether or not to start or to continue to race.

12.2 The starting line will be defined in the EAORA Notice of Race or Sailing Instructions Part 2 as appropriate.

12.3 The race committee will give a time check signal by VHF 10 minutes before the first start using a count-down procedure and display an Orange flag with one sound signal.

12.4 Prior to the first warning signal at the start of each race, yachts shall register their participation by passing close to the Principal Committee vessel and make themselves known to the Race Committee, giving details of the number of crew, and receive an acknowledgement before starting.

12.5 Races will be started in accordance with RRS 26 using the 5 minute – 4 – 1 – 0 sequence.

12.6 Classes will start at 10 minute intervals in the order Class Three ‑ Two – One unless alternative start procedures are given in the Sailing Instructions Part2. Start procedures could change for the North Sea race & round the Goodwins

12.7 A yacht whose warning signal has not been made shall keep clear of the starting area and all yachts that are racing.

12.8 When an Inner Limit Buoy is laid near the Committee Vessel on her starting line side, a yacht shall not sail between the buoy and the committee boat after her warning signal has been made. If a yacht has to sail into this area after her warning signal she must return to the pre-start side of the line before starting by sailing round the Committee Vessel.

12.9 Individual Recall ‑ when flag X is displayed, the race committee may, using the specified VHF radio channel, give the sail numbers or names of yachts affected. They may also give the information that those yachts have returned correctly. This does not change the responsibility of each yacht to start correctly, and failure to broadcast the information will not be grounds for redress (affecting RRS 62, Redress).

12.10 A yacht starting late shall inform the race committee of the intention to race but any yacht coming to the start area later than 60 minutes after her starting signal will be scored Did Not Start (DNS). (Additional criteria with regard to RRS 4)

12.11 If a yacht is late starting, she may use her engine or be towed after her preparatory signal to reach the starting area provided that she:

   12.11.1 stops her engine or drops her tow as appropriate, and then makes a 360 degree turn before crossing the start line;

   12.11.2 does not start until at least 5 minutes after her starting signal;

   12.11.3 reports this on her declaration. (This changes rules 41, Outside Help and 42, Propulsion).


13.1 Retirement ‑ a yacht that does not start after reporting to the Race Committee at the start, or which retires before finishing, shall inform the Race Committee by whatever available means, including VHF radio, as soon as possible, and receive an acknowledgement, failing which she shall inform the coastguard.

#13.2  When a yacht uses its engine to avoid collision or in a grave emergency the facts must be reported on her declaration. The Race Committee may apply a penalty of 10% (minimum 1 place) except when the yacht shows that the circumstances which lead to the use of her engine were entirely outside her control when the penalty may be waived. However if the incident results in a protest from another competitor or the Race Committee, then the Protest Committee after a hearing may impose a penalty, or disqualify the yacht, when it judges significant advantage was gained.

13.3 A yacht may be made fast by means other than anchoring after her preparatory signal. (This changes RRS 45).

13.4 A crew member may join the yacht no more than 30 minutes after the starting signal. In addition to RRS 47.2 a crew member may leave the yacht permanently at any time in the case of an emergency.

13.5 When a mark is not seen when passed, a yacht shall make and retain the most accurate record possible of her course and position.

13.6 RRS 33 is amended as follows. The race committee, during a race may change the course at any rounding mark by either of the following methods:

   13.6.1 A committee vessel stationed near the mark will fly flag “C”, make repetitive sound signals, and announce on the specified VHF radio channel the course to be sailed thereafter.

   13.6.2 The Race Officer will announce a course change using the specified VHF channel and will confirm acknowledgement of that change with each yacht taking part in the race.


14.1 The Finishing Line will be defined in the Notice of Race or Sailing Instructions Part 2 as appropriate.

14.2 When a yacht finishes at a time when she is required to display navigation lights she shall identify herself by radio to the Race Committee as prescribed in the Sailing Instructions Part 2, prior to finishing or as soon as possible afterwards. A Committee Vessel on station may show an all‑round white light.

14.3 If a Committee Vessel is not on station at the finish line, Competitors shall record their own finish time and the position of yachts ahead and astern of them if known. The recorded time and timepiece must be presented to the race committee as soon as possible after finishing.


15.1 Declarations shall be made by text, email or paper using the form available from the EAORA Website and shall be lodged with the Organising Authority as soon as possible, and not later than 72 hours, after finishing.

15.2 The exception to 15.1 is where the yacht is required to take its own finish time, then the declaration must be texted within 1 hour of finishing.

15.3 The declaration must include the following information: Race name, Yacht Name, Sail Number, Race finish date and time, Yacht finishing ahead (where known), Yacht finishing astern (where known) and the method of time recording. The Organising Authority contact details will be published in the Sailing Instructions Part 2.

15.4 Failure to submit a declaration may at the Organising Authority’s discretion result in future entries not being accepted.

15.5 In severe or very light weather, a yacht shall endeavor to:

   15.5.1 report the position and status of herself and other yachts of which she is aware, at regular intervals to the Race Committee or the Coast Guard as appropriate.

   15.5.2 keep a continuous dual watch on channel 16 and the specified race channel if possible.

   15.5.3 repeat messages from other yachts when equipped to do so.


16.1 There is no Time Limit for any race, but the Race Committee may shorten the course at any mark when it sees fit. This amends rule RRS 32, Shortening or Abandoning after the start. When a race is not shortened, this is not grounds for redress under RRS 62, Redress.


17.1 The time limit for lodging a Protest or a Request for Redress is 3 hours after the protesting/requesting yacht finishes. The protesting/redress seeking yacht shall notify the race committee by whatever means possible and receive an acknowledgement.

17.2 The time limit for lodging a Protest by the Race Committee is 3 hours after the last Yacht taking part in the race finishes or 3 hours after the Committee Vessel berths whichever is the longer. The Race Committee shall notify the Principal Race Office by whatever means possible and receive an acknowledgement.

 18. SCORING5.7

18.1 Points for class & overall will be based on a yacht's finishing position and calculated using the World Sailing Bonus Scoring System as follows:





























                                          8th place and onward will receive 1 additional point.

18.2 Where the race programme  indicates that there is a points multiplier for a specific race, the appropriate multiplier will be applied  to that race’s results.

18.3 To obtain any EAORA points a yacht shall, at the time of the race for which points are being awarded:

   18.3.1 Belong to, or be under charter to, a member of an EAORA Member Club;

   18.3.2 carry a valid, current endorsed IRC certificate.

18.4 Scoring for the Interclub Championship will be on an individual event basis where the points awarded for the overall recast results (see SI 18.7) will be used. Each Club's scores will be the aggregate of the scores from their two highest overall placed yachts in each recast race.

18.5 Did Not Compete ‑ yachts classified as DNC or  yachts classified DSQ (disqualified) shall be scored points for the finishing place one more than the number of yachts entered in the series.

18.6 Did Not Finish ‑ yachts classified as DNF, DNS or retired after finishing (RTD) shall be scored points for the finishing place one more than the number of yachts that started the race. To be recorded as Did Not Start (DNS) the yacht shall have complied with 12.3. Otherwise the yacht will be recorded as Did Not Compete (DNC).

18.7 Recasting Results – in races containing yachts not eligible for points under 18.3, the points will be re-cast as if the non-eligible yachts had not raced.

18.8 Tie Break ‑ if there is a tie of total points between two or more yachts, the tie shall be broken using RRS A8

 #18.9 Races To Count/Discards ‑ a Yacht may count her best scores as follows:






OVERALL EAORA           





















18.10 Results will be given and displayed by the Organising Authority as soon as possible after the finish of each race. The Organising Authority will send a copy of the results to the EAORA Chief Race Officer and Secretary using whatever means is convenient. Individual race and overall results will be published on the EAORA web site as soon as possible during the week following the race(s).



19.1 The Interclub Championship will be awarded annually to the Member Club with the lowest Interclub Championship points scored during the Season. A yacht shall race for only one club during the season for the purpose of this competition. Should a yacht change hands during the season this rule may be waived provided that the new owner notifies the EAORA Secretary of the date of the change. Where a yacht is jointly owned by two or more members of different Member Yacht Clubs, they shall nominate in writing to the Secretary of EAORA the club for which the yacht shall race in each event, before the start of the first race of the season. No changes shall be made thereafter.

19.2 The Class & Overall Trophies for the EAORA Series:

   19.2.1 Overall Champion – Blackwater Cup

   19.2.2 Class 1 Champion – Carmen Cup

   19.2.3 Class 2 Champion – Barnard Cup

   19.2.4 Class 3 Champion – Gunfleet Cup

   19.2.5 One Design/Class Trophies ‑ classes that have three or more yachts who compete in at least the required number of races to count for that Series.

   19.2.6 The Star Trophy will be awarded at the Committee's discretion for the most meritorious unrewarded performance or service by a yacht or individual during the season.

   19.2.7 Red Dragon Trophy will be awarded to the winning team in the RORC East Coast Race. The first two yachts from each Club to finish count as a team.

   19.2.8 The Libya Cup will be awarded to the yacht scoring the lowest points with no discards, all races must be started.

   19.2.9 The MYC David Cole Memorial Trophy will be awarded by MYC to the yacht scoring the lowest combined points with no discard in the Graham Wallis Trophy race and the Cannon Ball race.

   19.2.10 The RBYC David Geaves Trophy will be awarded by RBYC to the yacht who has completed the most race miles, in finished races, in RORC, EAORA and RBYC Williwaw Trophy.

   19.2.11 The WMYC Colonel’s Trophy will be awarded by the WMYC to the Yacht who has scored the lowest combined points in the Pattinson Cup Race and the Buckley Goblets Race.

   19.2.12 The Nore Command Trophy will be awarded by MYC to the Yacht Club team scoring the lowest combined points in the Offshore Regatta, 3 races and no discards. The first two yachts from each Club to finish count as a team.

   19.2.13 The Navigators Cup will be awarded to the navigator as nominated by Yacht skippers and chosen by the Organizing Authority for the Amazon Cup.

   19.2.14 The Single/Two-Handed Cup will be awarded for the yacht scoring the lowest points sailing with two persons onboard in compliance with the IRC rule 8.2.1.

   19.2.15 The Payne-James Youth Cup will be presented to the EAORA top Cadet of the Year.

   19.2.16 The Charlie Mills Memorial Trophy will be presented to the best overall EAORA yacht from a UK East Coast Club finishing the annual RORC North Sea Race.

   19.2.17 The County Standard Salver will be presented to the overall winner of the EAORA Offshore Regatta.

   19.2.18 The Millennium Trophy will be presented to the winner of Class 1 of the EAORA Offshore Regatta.

   19.2.19 The Ailish Trophy will be presented to the winner of Class 2 of the EAORA Offshore Regatta.

   19.2.20 The Secretary’s Plate will be presented to the winner of Class 3 of the EAORA Offshore Regatta.

   19.2.21 The Mary Hill Trophy will be presented after Round the Goodwins for the top East Anglian boat.

   19.2.22 The Silver Cigarette Box will be presented to the winner of: to be agreed by the EAORA Committee.

   19.2.23 The individual Club trophies given for each race are the responsibility of the member Club and will be retained within the Club if appropriate. This may be for reasons of value or history of the trophy and each Club will decide its own policy.

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